Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tibbetts Brook Park and other news..

First, the other news. We have updated! We offer a calendar now as well as a services section (no, not the craigslist type of services lol). We also switched up the colors a little so thats coolish looking (whatever).

Some more news, the Greystone Castle is hosting a movie! I think Sharon Stone (blast from the far past) is starring in it. We have gotten a lot of questions about where it is. It is off North Broadway around Sacred Heart on Shonnard Terrace.

Anyway, the post! We are doing Tibbetts Brook Park this week. Tibbetts Brook Park is located in a valley between Park Hill and Dunwoodie. It is a very nice park with many recreational activities including a waterpark which may be the biggest shame of all of Yonkers.

The old pool at Tibbetts was very old and was one of the only public pools in the whole area for many years. As a matter of fact, the old pool at Tibbetts was one of the oldest pools in the U.S. before they decided to renovate and turn it into a waterpark... Oh well. AT LEAST, the county of Westchester did not tear down the historic bathhouse there...

There are two beautiful parts of the park. One is the gazebo, the other is the waterfall. Enjoy.

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