Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Ruins of Untermyer

The other day we went over to the Aqueduct Trail off of Odell Ave. in order to visit the entrance house to the former Untermyer Estate. The trail is interestingly very quiet but the sites become interesting. The house itself has been abandoned for quite some time and has become a hangout spot for druggies and gangs. There is some very beautiful aspects of the house though. The entrance has a statue of a lion keeping guard of the entrance. Then there is the archway that one must go through in order to see the actual house which is quite old (and unfortunately covered with graffiti).

This one place in Yonkers is shamefully in a state of disrepair. It is the wish of us that this area is restored. Will it happen? Definitely not.. The politicians down at city hall are only interested in building new things and not taking care of what is already here. Either they fail to recognize that Yonkers has a cultural heritage or they just do not care. Beautiful Yonkers is trying to recognize Yonkers' heritage, which has simply been pulverized by self-interested politicians. This area of Yonkers is key to the future. Either the City of Yonkers' will knock it down or they will restore it (or they could just leave it the way it is). Who really knows the answer to this question.

The current lion keeping guard

As always check out the unofficial tourist site of Yonkers, http://www.beautifulyonkers.com/

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