Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yonkers Train Station and G.P.O.

Both historical buildings, they are the centerpieces of Larkin Plaza. Both are very large and well kept. A picture of the new central library was thrown in. Its ok, but the old library (which was demolished) was a gift of Andrew Carnegie and would have fit in a lot better in downtown Yonkers. Anyway, I did not take many pictures in the train station because of looks we were getting from an MTA cop. The GPO is only nice from the outside (falling apart inside). Unfortunately, the GPO is no longer a GPO as Yonkers now has to rely on a Westchester County GPO to take care of our mail.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exterior of Yonkers City Hall

Yonkers City Hall might possibly the most beautiful government building in the Northeast. Here are some pictures of the exterior of this wonderful building.

Philipse Manor Hall

Oldest building in Yonkers. The old manor house of the Philipse family which OWNED all of Yonkers (and most of Westchester County and the Bronx). It was built next to the Saw Mill River (which is now underground). It is now a National Historic Site operated by the state of New York. It was for many years the town hall of Yonkers. The interior is extremely bland because the structural integrity of the builiding is a bit inept.

Trinty Plaza

Trinity Plaza is falling apart and its a shame. In a hollow unlike any other in the United States, there are three Holy Trinity churches. One is Lutheran, one is Catholic, and one is Russian Orthodox. A deeply forgotten area of Yonkers, it needs help. There are few worshippers at these churches, but it is probably the most important acre in the city of Yonkers' history. Many of the Russian and Slovak immigrants who were the backbone of Yonkers' industry in the early 20th Century called Trinity Plaza home. Most of the pictures are of the national Slovak Roman Catholic church in the plaza, Most Holy Trinity. We were able to get into the church just by chance: there was a funeral about to occur so the doors were open. Unfortunately, there is definitely a chance that Holy Trinity might close or lose its parish status as the Archdiocese of New York tries to consolidate, though there is a chance that it could survive especially since the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, a rather new religious order, has many of its priories within a block of the church. If anything, it needs our prayers..

Sutherland Park- Park Hill

Some pictures from the top of Park Hill overlooking many areas of Yonkers.

Ariel Views

Some ariel views of downtown Yonkers and Sacred Heart Church from the Palisades.


Yonkers Waterfront

Most of it's brand new, but it's very nice. The Victorian era pier has been refurbished and it is charming. The new park is superb and is a little bit like Battery Park. There used to be a ferry from there to Manhattan, but that did not work out.