Thursday, August 4, 2011

St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary

When somebody refers to the seminary in Yonkers almost everybody assumes they are refering to St. Joseph's Seminary in the Dunwoodie section. There is however another seminary in Yonkers, one that actually has more students than Roman Catholic one. St. Vladimir's Seminary is the seminary for the Orthodox Church in America which is an offshoot of the Russian Orthodox Church. Their seminary for all of their soon to be priests is located in Crestwood. The grounds are very well maintained and the buildings are beautiful.

The history of the Orthodox Church in Yonkers is very interesting. Many Eastern Europeans moved to Yonkers in the early 20th Century. They brought with them their Orthodox Christianity faith. Unfortunately over the past 50 years, their numbers have dwindled. There are many Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic churches in Yonkers though and we reccomend you check them out.