Monday, June 20, 2011

The "Visit Yonkers!" Campaign

We have recently began an advertising campaign for Yonkers. Our budget is extremely limited at the moment, BUT so far it has worked to a degree and we are getting many emails asking about coming to Yonkers.

We are looking to further our advertising campaign, but we need funding mainly from businesses. What Beautiful Yonkers is trying to do is capitalize on the very large tourist industry just south in NYC. As stated in previous posts, it is ridiculous that Yonkers is not getting its fair share of tourism. If you look to Europe and even across the United States you will see outer cities obtaining a large share of the tourist industry.

We believe that Yonkers has so much to offer. There is history, there are nice restaurants, there is natural beauty, and there is a unique culture.

We can no longer allow Yonkers' to not get its fair share in tourist revenue. We are committed to bringing Yonkers to new heights!

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