Monday, June 13, 2011

The Herald Statesman Building- Larkin Plaza

The Herald Statesman used to be the newspaper of Yonkers. Unfortunately, given the unfair advantage of mass media, it was lost its place due to the Journal News which covers from Lower Westchester up to Orange County. Yonkers was essentially turned into just "another northern suburban community."

The media has always been harsh to Yonkers. It has given Yonkers an EXTRAORDINARILY unfair reputation as the "dump" north of the Bronx.

There are some Yonkers news sites on the internet, but they mainly cover Yonkers' messy politics which have done very little to improve Yonkers' name. The Herald Statesman was of Yonkers and was about the culture, people, and way of life in a unique city on the Hudson.

This post is a tribute to the Statesman... Its former headquarters, charming in the 1950's sense, sits majestically in Larkin Plaza. It is a cultural icon. Beautiful Yonkers is trying to recreate the pride that the Herald Statesman gave Yonkers and reverse the awful reputation the popular media has given Yonkers... Maybe some of those news moguls should check Yonkers out for themselves.

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