Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Predictions...

As you know, Yonkers has been doing a lot of "gentrification" projects.  Some of them include: 1. Chicken Island Ballpark   2.  "Daylighting" of the Saw Mill River  3.  Ridge Hill.  Besides the obviously shady dealings that got these initiatives approved, these three pet projects are due to fail.

Chicken Island Ballpark
  • Other minor league teams in the NY Metro area have become white elephants and money holes.  They're impossible to get rid of and never bring in the money. One example is Camden, NJ. Camden, which is right next to Philadelphia, decided to destroy an area of its downtown and build a stadium. It is not doing well at all and it has become a constant headache for Camden while not solving any of Camden's problems (welcome to the most dangerous city in the country).
  • Maybe we, at Beautiful Yonkers, haven't made this clear: Unfortunately, a lot of areas on the West side of Yonkers, are known for high-crime and poor socioeconomic standing.  Not the place to bring little Jimmy for a day at the ballpark.
  • The ballpark would arrogantly ignore the area around it.  It would just be ugly and it would cost too much.

The "Daylighting"
  • River fronts that attract people don't have the DMV on it.
  • From the Hudson River, which is right there, you can see the skyline of Manhattan and the Palisades.  Again, Saw Mill = DMV.
  • There is a reason why they covered it up in the first place.  Do not doubt the reasoning of the Freemasons.

Ridge Hill
  • "The City of Parking Garages" actually, "High Priced Parking Garages"
  • Not only is it opening during a recession (face it, we are in a recession again), it was approved AND built during a recession. Economic stupidity (shady dealing remember). This is not the worst of the economic news. Ever since the downturn, White Plains and even Cross County has taken the market of shoppers. How many shoppers with ZERO growth in the NY Metro area are going to flock to Ridge Hill from newish White Plains and brand newish Cross County.
  • Face it, the money isn't going to pour in.  Westchester isn't the Upper East Side, whether the developers of Ridge Hill want to believe it or not.

Yonkers could do well if it took advantage of its own preexisting resources.  Yonkers has as much history as what millions of tourists pay to see in lower Manhattan.  In comparison to cities such as London, Paris, Rome, where the suburban areas get a large percentage of tourist visits, Yonkers has not capitalized on an economic base that would drive the city to new heights.  We are devoted to help Yonkers capitalize on its resources, whether the city is with us our not.  Unfortunately, gentrification will not address Yonkers' problems.

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