Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming to Yonkers Raceway? Experience Yonkers! Some tips..

Yonkers Raceway and Empire City Casino is Yonkers' biggest tourist attraction. Each day, tens of thousands of people come to the casino and many take advantage of the Lincoln Park and Dunwoodie neighborhoods around them. Some things to do before you go to the raceway or after you go (the food and culture in Yonkers Raceway isn't that great):

Katie's Cottage: Best burger and wings in all of Yonkers! It is located right across the street from the raceway. Extremely friendly atmosphere with top class food for prices that everyone could afford. Also, it is certainly the most charming restaurant in all of Yonkers! Here is their website:

Dunwoodie Pizza: Located down the block from the raceway on Yonkers Ave. It has been ranked best pizza in Yonkers many times.

Raceway Pizza: Nice little pizzaria. Very good pizza.

Clairmont Diner: Friendliest diner ever and it is super cheap. Do not get fooled by Raceway Diner across the street (I feel it is kind of a rip off). Clairmont has a large menu and is a good late night place.

Louie and Johnnies: If you are looking for high class Italian food for very reasonable prices, here is the place to go. Very good antipasti and entrees. During the summer they have an Italian ice stand. Located across the street from the raceway.

Morley's Supermarket: Best sandwiches you can get in Yonkers. Completely revamped, if you are looking for a cheap, quick lunch, go here.

Paradise Lanes: Open until 2am. A bit divey, but if you are looking for a break from the casino, a fun place to go.

St. John the Baptist Church: If you want to check out the cultural center of the neighborhood, stop by St. John's. Open most of the day, its stained glass windows, Bavarian-style interior, beautiful facade, and its world class Casavant pipe organ make St. John's a great place to visit.

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